Gatorade, a cough causing tooth, and diaper paranoia

On Sunday we celebrated the birthday of our favorite just-turned-three-year-old nephew. Calvin has been obsessed with music for at least a year, which is forEVER when you're that little. For his birthday he got a pre-loved authentic snare drum. Talk about great parents. Sacrificing their hearing for the passion of their child.

This week I'm watching our nephews. Just helping out while their sitter is on vacation. My ears are still ringing. I kid. The drum came with a handy dampening pad. God bless the man who included that little piece of sanity.

Here are the ramblings of a three-year-old from today:

1. "My daddy said I can't have gaberade (gatorade)," as he hands me the bottle and asks for some. When I said no he said "but my daddy's not here!"

2. He informed me that I had a cough, and he was the doctor. He looked in my mouth and exclaimed, "I see your cough! It's coming from a tooth." Later when I'd been diagnosed with a stomach ache I asked him what was wrong. After shining his flashlight on my t-shirt he said, "You have a tooth in there too."

3. "But I'm afraid of my diaper!" After going through three pairs of 'big boy' undies and shorts in the course of half an hour (I kid you not!), this was his retort when I suggested putting on a diaper instead.

How stinkin cute is that!