The next step

For the first time... I don't know where to start. Usually my fingers can't type fast enough to keep up. But tonight I'm very familiar with the delete key. It's been a long couple days.

The company I work for full-time was required to restructure, which resulted in eliminating positions. Mine included.

Afterward I had a good long cry. I took a 'lil ride on the proverbial roller coaster - fear, pain, relief, anger, fear, excitement, frustration, more fear, apprehension, hope. I willingly let myself get lost in Ryan's hug, where I stayed. He is my rock star.

Today was it. Today was my last day. As I took the picture my niece drew off my cubicle wall and packed up my photos, it turned to sadness. It was real. And when I was finished I had to say good-bye. I moved slower.

I turned around and there was nothing left.

At that point, my cubicle neighbor of three years turned to me with tears in her eyes. Slowly others stopped by. There were hugs and more tears. It was harder than I imagined. I was grateful there weren't many people around at 4:30pm on a Friday.

I had a positively incredible experience there. Learned and grown so much in the past few years. I'm sad to being leaving a job I enjoy and people I respect. But at the same time I'm excited for the new opportunities that await me.

Hopefully more photography... let me know if you're interested in scheduling a session in the coming weeks!

Here's to the next step!