Sometimes life feels a little like my dog. In the sense that it seems life is pulling me by a leash, and I have to run to keep from getting my arm ripped off. If only life had something like the gentle leader. But busy is never bad.

There's the new job, which is going amazingly well. And wrapping up the end of the photography season. My last session of the year is this weekend. Unless of someone is looking for snowy photos, which I think would be big fun.

But that certainly doesn't mean my photography business is slowing down. Far from it. Now I get to focus on the business aspect. I'm working through my 2010 pricing. I'm taking time to do a lot of reading about photography and business. I'm re-thinking my brand. A combination of which could lead to some new things and some changes to the old.

I'm really excited about the opportunity to re-evaluate. I think it's important to make your business a unique reflection of... you. Uh -- I mean me. Not to mention, I love the whole process of brainstorming, editing, creating, and editing some more. After all, I'm not the same person I was when I started this little venture a year ago. So my business shouldn't be the same either.

And just becase posts are more fun with photos... a little bokeh for ya.