Our Christmas

We packed up the car with presents and food to meet Ryan's family at his sister's on Christmas Eve. The kids were bouncing off the walls with excitement. They are what make Christmas so much fun.

Michele introduced us to a new game. Everyone rolls a die (dice? whatever...) and the first to land on five gets to open a gift... using oven mitts. Our nephew Carter was the first to roll a five. It took him a bit to figure out how to use the thumb of his mitt to work the corner of the wrapping paper. He tore open the cardboard box to find yet another wrapped gift.

So everyone rolled again, and Ryan took his turn. The oven mitts were required. The bow was completely optional. And he wonders why there aren't any "normal" photos of him. :-)

Even Grandma Evelyn participated in the fun. She knew how to work those oven mitts and had the third gift opened in no time.

Next up was Joe. Since the presents got smaller and smaller the last ones were even harder to open. But it was worth it. He found a $10 bill in his box.

After the chaos of Christmas Eve, Ryan and I spent the night at his parent's house. The celebration on Christmas Day was in Carroll.
Last year Ryan's family moved the location of Christmas festivities from Grandma Rosemary's house at the farm to the Moose Lodge in town. I'm not sure how many people there are... but it's a lot! Doesn't really matter where it happens, there's always lots of good food and good company.

There were lots of laughs, exciting news and plenty of fun for the kids.

Tracy Anne Photography